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Great success in our annual concert
Last Saturday, at the Bodega Son Vich de Superna we presented our second edition of “Aires de Tramuntana”, a concert
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Presentation of the 2nd concert Aires de Tramuntana
This morning has been presented the 2nd concert Aires de Tramuntana that will take place this Saturday, May 25, in
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Field notebook, we know the work of our Winemaker
For Sara Martínez (our winemaker of Son Vich de wineries), this profession is somewhat vocational. Entering a cellar and smelling
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The cellar “Son Vich de Superna” present in the Vinamica Showroom.
Last Tuesday, March 5, the “Bodega Son Vich de Superna” participated in the tenth edition of the Vinamica’s Showroom, which
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2nd Concert wine cellar “Son Vich de Superna”
MAY 25, 2019 AT 6 p.m. After the last year’s results, the wine celar “Son Vich de Superna”, organizes in
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January and February winter pruning months
The cold has come to settle, the vines are already in lethargy, it is time for pruning.  Taking advantage of
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