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Éxito del primer concierto con ópera organizado por Son Vich de Superna
Más de 140 personas acudieron el pasado sábado 26 de mayo a la finca de Son Vich a escuchar las
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Report on the winery Son Vich in the newspaper El Económico
  Wide report of the winery Son Vich in El Económico The supplement El Económico, from the newspaper Ultima Hora,
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Son Vich de Superna at the ceremony from ABEF
  The wine from Son Vich de Superna was tasted during the meeting celebrated by ABEF at the Mhares Sea
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SON VICH participates in a documentary serial in the USA
  A documentary serial for United States will show Son Vich as another winery from Mallorca Under the title of
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Son Vich de Superna at the Pollença Wine Fair
  Between the 6th and 7th of May, we have been presenting our wines in the cloister of the convent
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