Our Values

Son Vich is a farm with unique vineyards, committed to the environment. These characteristics give its wines a singularity and special character.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Serra de Tramuntana-Costa Nord

This production area has acquired its own proven reputation for certain organoleptic and chemical characteristics which have a direct link with the geographical area and which result in a wine of an intense red colour with a powerful and broad aroma of which its alcoholic wealth stands out, as a result of the insolation and high medium temperatures that compensate the reducing effect of a moderate rainfall.

Mountain viticulture

The orography of the cultivated land makes it difficult to mechanise the harvesting of the grape, which means that the vines are cultivated by hand and with care.

Responsible viticulture

In Son Vich only natural processes and products of biological and natural origin are used, thus preserving the richness of the soil.

Maximum respect for the natural environment

The vineyards of Son Vich are surrounded by nature, so its entire perimeter is fenced to preserve the vines from attack by wild animals in the area, thus respecting biodiversity and the coexistence of fauna and flora in the valley. In addition, a project is being developed to catalogue plant and insect species in the area. on the estate oils and liqueurs are also produced and biomass is produced to obtain heat.

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